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Pics of Cygnus of Awareness

Pics are Found here, thanks Bobaferret

Got from Jen today and had to post em, big pics in the thread

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Khador in hand

Thanks to the generosity of the folks at All About Games in Boise (my home away from home) I have my Khador for the Cure army. They donated everything except eButcher and a Man-o-War Shock Trooper. So when it gets auctioned, that’s pure profit for breast cancer awareness.

Here’s the list:

Army Name: Butcher Brawl
743/750 points, 29 VP, 20 models

Kommander Orsus Zoktavir 78 points, 5 VP
* Beast-09 126 points, 5 VP
* War Dog 18 points, 1 VP

Man-O-War Drakhun (+dismount) 70 points, 2 VP
Great Bears of Gallowswood 76 points, 2 VP
Greylord Ternion 43 points, 2 VP
Koldun Lord 30 points, 1 VP
Man-O-War Kovnik 34 points, 1 VP
* Juggernaut 105 points, 4 VP
4 Man-O-War Shocktroopers 87 points, 3 VP
2x Manhunter 22 points, 1 VP each
Yuri the Axe 32 points, 1 VP

The only thing I don’t have is the “normal” Manhunter, and I should have him in hand within the week.

It’s great news, now to just find a place to live and get them assembled.

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Updated model list

Well with this new Blog going I thought I would update the Cygnus of Awareness Army list  Iam painting.  I will get pictures worked out, possibly Wed(3-25) but for now just a list of what models are in the collection and how far along they have come in my work.   I still need to get proper bases for some of my earlier works in this project before microart studios captivated my attention

Stryker, painted, on ma(Microart) base

EStryker, painted, old base work

Caine, primered, on ma base

ECaine, painted, kept his epics base,

Squire, painted on old base

Thorn, unassembled

Ol Rowdy, assembled, on ma base

Hunter, assembled, on ma base

Centurion, primered, on ma base

Lancer, primered, on ma base

Sentinel, painted, on old base

Katherine Laddermore, unassembled

Reinholdt, primered on ma base

Piper, assembled, on ma base

Jr., painted, on old base

Gun Mage Adept, painted, on old base

Black 13th, painted, on old base

10 Sword Knights plus UA, 5 knights plus ua painted, on ma bases, 5 knights wip, with ma base

Gun mages plus the Dude, primered, on ma base

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You’ve found Project: Paint Pink. Check back and we’ll be up and running shortly!

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