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Right on schedule, well sort of

Hey all,

These last few week I’ve been working on finishing up my handful of cryx that I’ve had somewhat done. And except for a few small touchs (a wash here and there, and some small details) I’m all done and based. I really wish I had gotten more done, I’ve got a lot just base pink coated but just didn’t get too.

Hopefully I’ll be getting to more, and I’ll be able to post soon without such a large brake.


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A rush to paint, BCB 2012

With the push back of the Wrath kit, Breast Cancer Brawl 2012 gets pushed back to July. Now it time for me to crack down and paint some models. Hopefully I’ll get some models done and pics posted.

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Welcome 2011

Its been really quite so I thought with the new year I’d post. I’ve been busy with my Hordes models since there book releases in the latter half of 2010 that I haven’t really gotten to much of my Cryx. I got some bane thralls from my sister for Christmas that I’ll have to put together and paint. As usual I have some posts as August approaches (that the month I’m doing Breast Cancer Brawl in). Maybe I’ll commit to at least a post a month….we’ll have to see.

So Happy New Year to all, Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with this year.

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And it continues

As usual I have a bad pick to share. Its what I’ve been up too, after these are done I have:

6 more Bloodgorgers, 10 Raiders + sea witch, a helldiver, the coven, 2 raider captains, a converted skarlock, 2 plastic jack kits, 2 necrotechs and then all the cryx I own will be painted…

Wow thats still a lot to go. On a brighter note, we had our breast cancer brawl sat July 31 and raised at least $400 dollars, with my work matching this its a nice haul.

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2010: Pittsburgh Race For The Cure

Hey All,

For Mother’s Day, I joined my mother again for the Pittsburgh Komen Race For the Cure. Being a gamer I only joined in on the walking half of the 5k run/walk. However I couldn’t show up alone, Pirate Queen Skarre & Master Necrotech Mortenebra also joined in the walk (the ladies posed for pics while Deryliss & skarlock were off getting them swag.) The Seether hopped into the timed run (maybe he’ll make it into jack about town).

There were lots of people there, it was cold and windy but another fine event. I wanted to get pics with a big sign of the event (there sort of a sign in the background), we found one later…right in front of the speaks and I was deaf from being with 40 ft of them, I didn’t want to get close enough for my ears to bleed.

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Section 1 Done

So I’m doing a series of slow grow leagues to help my community get a tourny force fully painted. My the first step was 15 pts. So here’s my cryx. (excuse the pics, I’ll have to take a few at the shop next chance I get)

However, I painted full units; didn’t see the point in only painting half

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Done, for now

Ok all, I finished up my 500 pt force. I want to thank everyone for the comments, sorry about the pics. Hopefully when I got to the store I can get some better shots. I got some other stuff to work on before I add more to the cryx, but I’ll post my extras. Without further a due:

I like how they ended up, and it helped raise $67 or so dollars to go toward my Breast Cancer Brawl donation event. I had a lot of fun doing this, I think next year I’ll do up an army and auction it off to add to the donation…maybe retribution.

I hope to make it up to Templecon next year, maybe we should have a pink army throw down or something (maybe tour of duty style).


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