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This IS my pink model

Well vacation has been wonderful. I’m spending some quality time with my family, but I’m not getting a lot of painting done.  Nevertheless, I have a solid base coat and some highlighting started on the first model for my Thyra tier list. I’m still trying to decide which resin bases to order for this crew, if anyone has suggestions I’d love to hear them.

Without further adieu Sir Stabby.

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Right on schedule, well sort of

Hey all,

These last few week I’ve been working on finishing up my handful of cryx that I’ve had somewhat done. And except for a few small touchs (a wash here and there, and some small details) I’m all done and based. I really wish I had gotten more done, I’ve got a lot just base pink coated but just didn’t get too.

Hopefully I’ll be getting to more, and I’ll be able to post soon without such a large brake.

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This is NOT my Thyra Model.

Although I don’t have much to show yet, I’ve committed to posting each week on here. It will keep me moving.

So there I was complaining on Twitter about how incredibly detailed my Thyra model was and what a challenge it will be to paint it when Bobaferret replies and tells me that hers is finished already! 

 See her post on Losthemisphere here 

I love the simplicity of her scheme and hope my warcaster turns out looking this good!

My army is looking significantly still…..well white right now. I claim victory in the fact that they are now at least partly assembled as last week they were still in their boxes. 

My goal is to post a photo of a completed model by next week. I’ve started the base coat on the dervish and feel confident he’ll  she’ll be camera ready by this time next week. Right then- back to the painting table for me!

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This IS NOT a pink army

Alright, So I didn’t forget about my Thyra theme force. I’ve just been a little distracted by these guys.

Thornfall Alliance

I realized about a week ago that I had an entire faction almost completely painted. For a guy that has a litteral mountain of metal in his basement that’s a pretty big deal. I haven’t had an army completely painted since….well I’ve never had an army completely painted.

I have been working on figuring out my exact Thyra list, and have even made a few purchases, but my paint brush has been focussed on Pendrake, Saxon, Gudrun, Rorsch, Brine, 2 Warhogs, Carver, Arkadius, and a bonegrinder. I only have three models left, and then I can put the piggies to bed and focus 100% on my pink project.

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