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Introducing Jugg #1, ‘Lefty’.

The Pink train is chugging along. Introducing Jugg #1 (of the pair of ‘Juggs’ in my 50pt list), Lefty!


Yeah, the brass is a bit much, but I luvs it. I was worried how it would look on the jacks, since they have such open spaces, which is why I did this model second after eButcher. But, I likes it.

Working on Reaver Squad 1 now.


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Save a life, grope your wife!

2010, and it’s time to make this Breast Cancer Brawl bigger than ever!

This year, I’m changing my approach to which army I’ll be fielding. I started the Legion of Everpink because it had the most female caster (and a lot of female models as well). This year, I’m going with an Epic Butcher theme list, because while Everpink was to help women fight breast cancer, this army is for me, and my personal hatred of breast cancer. Feel My Hate breast cancer.

Lets get this started with the man himself, someone who also lost a female loved one in his past, The Butcher!

I went with a Brass Armor, because I like the rich look of it. The honor colors are black and pink, for the Black & Pink foundation in Boston, the first breast cancer awareness organization Breast Cancer Brawl raised money for. It’s an organization for African American women, who are more prone to breast cancer than any other ethnicity.

Warcaster down, now for a jack!


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