Khador in hand

Thanks to the generosity of the folks at All About Games in Boise (my home away from home) I have my Khador for the Cure army. They donated everything except eButcher and a Man-o-War Shock Trooper. So when it gets auctioned, that’s pure profit for breast cancer awareness.

Here’s the list:

Army Name: Butcher Brawl
743/750 points, 29 VP, 20 models

Kommander Orsus Zoktavir 78 points, 5 VP
* Beast-09 126 points, 5 VP
* War Dog 18 points, 1 VP

Man-O-War Drakhun (+dismount) 70 points, 2 VP
Great Bears of Gallowswood 76 points, 2 VP
Greylord Ternion 43 points, 2 VP
Koldun Lord 30 points, 1 VP
Man-O-War Kovnik 34 points, 1 VP
* Juggernaut 105 points, 4 VP
4 Man-O-War Shocktroopers 87 points, 3 VP
2x Manhunter 22 points, 1 VP each
Yuri the Axe 32 points, 1 VP

The only thing I don’t have is the “normal” Manhunter, and I should have him in hand within the week.

It’s great news, now to just find a place to live and get them assembled.


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