This IS NOT a pink army

Alright, So I didn’t forget about my Thyra theme force. I’ve just been a little distracted by these guys.

Thornfall Alliance

I realized about a week ago that I had an entire faction almost completely painted. For a guy that has a litteral mountain of metal in his basement that’s a pretty big deal. I haven’t had an army completely painted since….well I’ve never had an army completely painted.

I have been working on figuring out my exact Thyra list, and have even made a few purchases, but my paint brush has been focussed on Pendrake, Saxon, Gudrun, Rorsch, Brine, 2 Warhogs, Carver, Arkadius, and a bonegrinder. I only have three models left, and then I can put the piggies to bed and focus 100% on my pink project.


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