BCB Boise Auction Entry

It has been a long, long, long time.  But I am still gunning for a painted army to auction off again.  Life and what have yous means I was strapped for the extra army, but a local player wanted to donate minis, but needed them painted.  So I stepped up and we are going for a Searforge army now.  He donated the battlebox, I am kicking in a few minis and I just need a unit or two to make it all gravy.  I got solid leads for everything, but I got one month to the day to get this sucka done.

I got great progress so far, having a few more models left before i am waiting for deliveries, which is where I want to be.






I got a Basher 50% done, and Thor, a Bokur, and artillery crew to still work on.



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2 responses to “BCB Boise Auction Entry

  1. saidinpg

    Cool, can’t wait to see the rest.

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