Working on it

Our breast cancer brawl is happening in 6 days and I am feverishly trying to find time to get 15 models painted for the auction, I still need to crank out 6 gun mages, the dude, laddermore mounted, laddermore unmounted, piper of ord, reinholdt, Defender, Hunter, Centurion, and Thorn.  work and home life has kept me away from these guys for too long, although the home life stuff, while I won’t bore you with details, was extremely important.  Now I see myself behind the gun barrel with a lot of expectations from myself to get this done.  Thankfully I have to put mini-dicewwraith in day care on Wednesday and Friday even though I have to work very little, but for the amount  ipay per day, I refuse to let the young one stay for only 2 hours each day, and I will have a lot of time alone those two days.  I want to finish basing and metal work on all models before Wednesday.  I will hopefully regail everyone with pics late Friday night, or Sunday after the tournament.

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