Gday: The Bear Necessities

Troll Warbeasts are some of the most awesome destructive forces in the game… but they can’t roam too far, they need to be constantly monitored by a warlock. So, what do you do when you want an awesomely destructive flanking force? You call in this guy…

Brun Cragback

Brun Cragback

Out of respect for his current employers, Brun sports a lovely pink hat brooch thingie, despite wearing the red/bone colour scheme I settled on when I painted Thor, Loki and Ingrid.

And of course, what good’s a minion warlock without a towering hirsute monstrosity?



He may not be wearing pink, but then he’s not strictly a Ta-Ta… and dammit, I like the red on him.

I may not be able to attend my local FLGS’ Breast Cancer Brawl in the end, but Brun and Lug will definitely be accompanying the Ta-Ta Kriel with me to Templecon!

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