Gday: Who you gonna call?



Oh, c’mon, tell me these guys don’t remind you a *little* of the iconic backpack-hose-gun dudes of the 80’s… at least the bellows guy… C’MON!!!

These little fellas were painted up to go with the Ta-Ta Kriel, hence the pink tunics. Other than that I wanted to stick with a fairly neutral palette, considering their green skin was going to be jarring enough with the pink.

In the end, these lads were a lot of fun to paint, and didn’t take long at all. Considering how long it usually takes me to get through models, I was pleasantly surprised… but no, Spud, that does not mean I’m going to paint your bodgers for you. You chose Cygnar, you bear that cross all by yourself 😛


With a little imagination, that could totally be a guitar.


Pretty sure that's not a monkey on his back.


Fill 'er up, Mister?


If you like it, then you should have put a ring on it.


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