Gday: Tubthumpers

They get knocked down! But they get up again! You’re never gonna keep ’em down!

… Well, as long as they keep making their tough rolls and Hugh is nearby to stand ’em back up.

Ladies and Gentlethugs, the Ta-Ta Kriel Champion Tubthumpers.

champs leader

Following my usual standard, I’m posting before I’ve done the bases, so sue me – it’s been a sod of a week, don’t push my buttons. (*shakes fist*)


The Champions of the Ta-Ta Kriel follow the standard uniform of the Ta-Ta’s, that being the soft pink quitari over otherwise natural armour and the like. Because so much of these models are straight armour, that doesn’t leave a heck of a lot of room for playing with colour, but considering how 98% of colour-matching guides will tell you that grey goes well with pink, the metallic greys of the armour go well with the pink sashes, and the yellow skin and occasional leather straps break it up a little.



All in all, I’m pleased with these models, and look forward to fielding them in the name of the Ta-Ta’s.



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