Getting the Ball Rolling

Well hello!

Jen very kindly has let me contribute to this wonderful cause with my Pink Trolls.

So first, a little history:

First of all, me. My real name is Peter Buxton, I live in the Realm of Wales in the United Kingdom, not far from the historical town of Chester. I have been playing games since I was 11 and am a Press Ganger for Privateer as well as having a very unhealthy obsession with painting and collecting all types of toy soilders.

Last Year at the end of October 08, Cerberus, the EU distributor for Privateer Press, put on a UK Breast Cancer Brawl in Manchester at Game Con.

I wanted in. Big Time. I have lost a fair few members of my family to the big C and if I am going to support a charity than this would be it!

The event itself was  fully painted over 2 days event and was great fun to help run and be a part of.  Loads of prizes were given in support of the players who in turn gave generously to the cause (I believe we raised over £400)

We, as Press Gangers, were tasked by Mike W (EU Press Gang Quartermaster) with showing our support and painting up a box set. I had a spare Trollblood battlebox lying around (along with a sizeable bare metal Trollblood army) that I had been collecting since Hordes came out (always something else to paint!) and I was trying to come up with a colour other than blue, and along came the excuse! So was born Madrak and his Pink Trolls:


So, after completing my first models and getting some feedback from my gaming group (which ranged from “wow” to “dude, that is one big pink troll!” the decision was made to carry on with the pink and complete a whole pink faction.

So far we have Dire Troll one:


And his Extreme brother:


Currently on the painting table is a unit of Krielstone Bearers with UA and a Fell Caller, which should be finished soon.


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4 responses to “Getting the Ball Rolling

  1. saidinpg

    Looks good, your colors work well together. I really like your extreme (of course that models is awesome to being with).

    Looking forward to seeing more.

  2. Jen

    Those look great! I can’t wait to see more. 🙂

    • More on the way soon! The Kreilstones are getting ready to have their tartan fitted (it’s still in the shop) and the UA and Fell Caller were started last night.

      Although for some reason Skarre sneaked onto my painting table last night. Damn me and my magpie ways….

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