Done, for now

Ok all, I finished up my 500 pt force. I want to thank everyone for the comments, sorry about the pics. Hopefully when I got to the store I can get some better shots. I got some other stuff to work on before I add more to the cryx, but I’ll post my extras. Without further a due:

I like how they ended up, and it helped raise $67 or so dollars to go toward my Breast Cancer Brawl donation event. I had a lot of fun doing this, I think next year I’ll do up an army and auction it off to add to the donation…maybe retribution.

I hope to make it up to Templecon next year, maybe we should have a pink army throw down or something (maybe tour of duty style).



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3 responses to “Done, for now

  1. Gratz on hitting 500pts of pinkness! The Ta-Ta Kriel are planning on hitting Templecon with me, so I’d be happy to have a Battle For The Boobies with you!

  2. You better be at Templecon. PG breakfast, or else. 😉

    And congrats on being painted! I’ve got a long way to go…

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