Cryx update, with pics

So I got my other deathripper done except basing. The others are in different stages of doneness. Some just need a wash while others are just started (and the helldriver just popped in for a pic). I’m thinking of trying a swamp basing but haven’t really decided. I wanted to get some pics up showing what progress I’ve made. I think its really coming along. While starring at the two different deathrippers the one with more purple is starting to grow on me more. I might paint my duplicate jacks in the different colors to distinguish them apart but basically keep the scheme the same.



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3 responses to “Cryx update, with pics

  1. Really digging the Helldiver and Slayer in particular

  2. Jen

    *Love* what you did with the Helldiver.

    I need to make some serious progress here… 😛

  3. saidinpg

    Thanks guys, my next helldiver I want to have him digging into the ground.

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