Calandra, Paint Pink

OK, I asked to be a part of the Paint Pink bloggers, and have not posted anything, so here goes:

I kept looking at the Calandra model on the shelf, and I really wanted to paint her, but I didn’t want to get into another faction after being 5 factions deep (and soon to be 6) in Warmachine and Hordes (Protectorate, Cygnar, Khador, Mercs & Pirates, and Circle). Or so I thought. I picked up the Calandra model after declaring that I would paint her for the Breast Cancer Brawl in October. I knew she would maintain the blue skin the Trollbloods are known for (and the way my Boomhowler unit was done, some blue, some green skins). What she really needed was a pretty pink dress.

I got the model home and assembled, and let her sit overnight.

Before Primer

Before Primer

The next morning I headed out back and threw a primer coat down. I saw potential in the model already.

Primed Calandra

Primed Calandra

I know I should have let the model sit for another day, but I wanted to get cracking on her. Since I am not painting a 750 point army, I know I can take my time. Still difficult when I know how I want to do something. I laid down the base coats.

Calandra Base Coats

Calandra Base Coats

Calandra Base Coats- back

Calandra Base Coats- back

With what I feel is a decent start, I threw down a few more colors until she is almost ready for ink. I have a few things I need to do before that happens, so this is where I left off:

Calandra, almost ready for inks.

Calandra, almost ready for inks.

I am pretty happy with her, and think she would be a fun addition to any Trollblood army. I may have to bid on her to keep her in mine (the day after I bought the model I ended up trading paint work for a decent sized Trollbloods army). Or I could auction her off and paint up another one. Not a bad deal either way, and for a good cause.

Will post more as I get her closer to done. Thanks for checking in.



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2 responses to “Calandra, Paint Pink

  1. saidinpg

    She’s coming along nicely.

  2. Agreed, I’m looking forward to seeing how she turns out

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