Back to work!

Finally got back to my painting desk, though this heat wave is killing me. Paint is drying out so quickly!

Got some more work on Fiona done, but still not finished, had to switch to something else. Started and almost finished work on Anistasia ‘La Main Rose’ (The Pink Hand) De Bray. Decided that trying to make an all pink color scheme was driving me nuts, so I went with a more ‘spy’ grey and brown scheme with one pink glove. I’ll also be trying to freehand a small pink ribbon on her lapel.


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  1. archangelq

    And I got Anastasia done, though not based yet. And started on blocking out Alexia. Decided that an all pink color scheme was killing me on Fiona, so she’s going to probably be the only ‘all pink’ model, with each other one having one major pink flourish. Anastasia’s is her glove. Alexia’s is her sword. And all her risen 😉 But then, going with the ‘ethereal’ look in pink on the risen should be easy and fun. The Thrall Warriors will be rusty armor with pink ethereal skulls and hands.

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