Fiona, first draft

Fiona, first draft

Finally snapped a pic. She isn’t really done, but I need to move on to another figure. Plus my brushes need cleaning, I’m really not getting any sort of fine detail on this without ending up hitting another area. And I really need to fix my black build, and learn to take better pics 😉 ANYWAY, overall happy with the direction this is going, even if she looks a bit meh at this stage.



Filed under Breast Cancer Brawl 2009

2 responses to “Fiona

  1. Looking good!

    Makes me want to paint my Fiona now. 😉

    What are you using for brushes? If you can swing it, the Windsor & Newton Series 7 brushes kick ass.

  2. archangelq

    That’s what I’ve been using for years and years. In fact, the current set is over a year and a half old, and I haven’t been keeping up my maintenance of them in the last six or so. Which is why they are fighting with me so much 🙂 Need to treat them nicer.

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