Scheme check and update

So looking through my paint I saw my Saquine Base and thought it might work better as the base instead of warlock purple. So I gave it a try. I kind of up in the air about it so I thought I’d post for reactions. Left is new, Right is original.

I’m moving along on the models. I’ve pick up the necotech and stalker…and let me say the stalker has got to be the most awkward jack to put together. I had to make a special base for it. My withershadow combine and slayer will be coming in my pg order next month. So I should be moving right along on this.

Thanks for any comments.



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3 responses to “Scheme check and update

  1. I like the Sanguine Base, it gives the model a more pink than purple look. Both are quite viable, it’s just a tone thing

  2. tallyn42

    left is much better, it has a more rich finish

  3. Paradogmatic

    I agree — the Sanguine Base is the way to go

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