Finally got a list

Well I have been quite undecided as to what I wanted to throw together for the brawl, I have had several lists I have been working on, but I think I got one that will work out.  Of course during test play I may need to change some models in or out, but I have time to work it out, I just need to get some more work done on this project.

Here is what I want to use, I will also place their status next to them

Commander Coleman Stryker, done

Ol’ Rowdy, primered

Defender, don’t even own, he is a late addition.

Lancer, primered

Squire, painted, needs resin base

GMCA, painted, needs resin base

Jr., painted, needs resin base

Major Katherine Laddermore, unassembled

Black 13th, painted needs resin base

9 Sword Knights w/ UA, done

Rupert Carvolo, primered

Anastasia Di Bray,  unassembled

749 pts,  26 VPs

of course, I also realized I am out of glue, and I was at the game store earlier today….ah well.

Oh I also forgot to mention, that I am hoping to paint more models, as seen by my eCaine, but time has become a major crunch, that and I keep getting distracted.


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