Test Paint: Jacks

So two deathrippers come in one blister; I thought it best to test out my scheme on a jack. I put one in a normal pose and another in a moving pose. I like the moving one better so I test painted the normal one.

I like how it came out. I don’t know if its quite what I was envisioning but I think it works. I don’t know if I should pick out more of the details or not (like the bolts & screws). I already decided to paint morty last. So after the death ripper I’m thinking of getting a slayer or a stalker. Thoughts & Comments?



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3 responses to “Test Paint: Jacks

  1. Picking out the bolts and screws might help give the jack a little more definition. Cold steel maybe?

    I like the look of it. I think a Slayer would be fun. 🙂

  2. I like the colour balance on this one.

    As for your next jack, I’d recommend going with a Heavy so that you can establish scheme balance on a larger model as well. When I was doing the 1000pts of Menites for the WarmaHordes Challenge, painting the later heavies went much better once I’d established a basic colour layout I was happy with on the Reckoner.

  3. saidinpp

    Thanks for the feedback, I’m going to mess around a bit more with this. And I think I’ll go slayer next, once the other deathripper is done

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