Pink Mercs

So I initially commited to painting Retribution, but I’ve decided to go with a small pile of Mercs I have instead, as they seemed more fitting.

Fiona the Pink

Two Manglers (this is intended to be a Mk2 list)

Dirty in Pink Meg


Sea Dog Cannon Crew

Anastasia Di Bray

And perhaps more, but I want to get this lot painted first.  I hope to have the first test model, Meg, done soon.



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2 responses to “Pink Mercs

  1. djwetmouse

    Speaking of Mercs. and Retribution I’ve started to paint Cylena Raefyll & Nyss Hunters and Eiryss for my Retribution army. Eiryss is officially Retribution and the hunters, according to the play-test, will work for the Retribution. I believe Lady Aiyana & Master Holt will also work for the Retribution and would look great in a pink color scheme. Keep up the good work.

  2. archangelq

    Thanks Dj 🙂 Yeah, I was thinking about doing the retribution mercs up in pink, but I’m sorta iffy on it now. For one thing, I already have Dalia and Skarath painted up. So I decided to go pink on an entirely new force.

    Also, thinking of adding Hawk to this list, as well as Alexia and a boatload of Risen (pink ghostly risen ftw), but then sorta torn on what else to add. I’ve got Steelhead Halberdiers sitting unassembled, but I almost feel like a small unit of press gangers would be a better fit with the theme (and would work with Fiona better).

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