Gday: Hitting you with the Rhythm Stick

… or at least, hitting you at 30 paces with a 10′ length of wood tipped with a dirty great spike and wrapped in pretty pink ribbons…

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Ta-Ta Kriel presents its first light warbeast, a Troll Impaler



This model was actually a lot of fun to paint, with the exception of the bloody ribbons on the spears… but then, they really fit in with the concept I had for the Ta-Ta Kriel, in that they’re not pink themselves but that they use pink ribbons all over the place.

I’m particularly pleased with the barbecued chickens… or turkeys or geese or whatever they are.

I tried to stick to a similar palette to Grissel – yellows for the skin, pale pinks, rich leathers and darker metallics. I needed something else for the straps though, so since pink and grey traditionally go together, it was a fairly easy step. The greys do blend a little into the metals, but I still like the end result.



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2 responses to “Gday: Hitting you with the Rhythm Stick

  1. Love it!

    He looks great… I can’t wait to see how the battle group progresses.

    It looks like I need to get going on Khador assembly.

  2. Wow Chris…that is just spectacular.

    Is the breast cancer thing an actual event or just promoting awareness through our painting and our blogs…

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