Gday: Starting with a Song


Semi-inspired by Jen’s Bright Pinks, I decided to paint up the Trollbloods for this project. While I didn’t plan too far ahead, I knew I wanted to try a Grim Angus range-focussed list… so why is Grissel the first model I’ve painted?

Well, my FLGS didn’t have Grim in when I first went exploring, but they did have Ms Bloodsong. I didn’t mind the model at all, and I very much enjoy the fluff behind the character, and, well, I was definitely in need of a test model for the scheme.

Rather than painting my Trolls up pink, I decided to actually make them wear pink ribbons – no quitari for me, it’s pink scarves all the way, as well as leathers and dark metal, and of course, post-it note yellow skin, since I just can’t bring myself to follow the studio blue for the Troll skin. If I was the kinda guy to paint studio schemes, my Menites wouldn’t be blue and yellow 😉

… and of course, as per most of my models, she has some red because my son likes red. In her case, it’s a little bit of red on the vambrace gems.

Next on the docket I’ll be seeing how the yellow skin and pink scarves look on an Impaler…



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4 responses to “Gday: Starting with a Song

  1. tallyn42

    The yellow skin goes very well with the pink ribbons and the ribbons really fit the cause.

  2. I’m liking it a lot.

    I’m thinking your Pale Pinks could be neighbors to my Bright Pinks. 😉

  3. saidinpp

    Very nice, any thoughts to how you want to base them?

  4. Basing will be simple flock and ballast, same as with my Menites. It’s incomplicated, and I know I can do it without screwing up 😉

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