Getting Started, My cryx list

So it time to start out and this is what I came up with:

493/500 points, 17 VP, 10 models

Master Necrotech Mortenebra 92 points, 5 VP
* Deryliss
* Deathripper 38 points, 1 VP
* 2x Slayer 110 points, 3 VP each
* Stalker 64 points, 2 VP

Necrotech 9 points, 1 VP
Withershadow Combine 70 points, 2 VP

Not sure how effective it will be but its what I want to play. I have morty, and the deathripper. I started a pink test with a converted Skarre, I’m going to have to apply it now. I might get pics of the assemebled models but its nothing special.



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2 responses to “Getting Started, My cryx list

  1. tallyn42

    Hey progress is progress. Have you thought of expanding that army? It looks good, I have zero experience with Mortenebra so I can’t say for sure, but a stalker with her I have heard is nasty. Mind posting the test model?

    • saidinpp

      I’ve thought about the staples I could add (Deathjack, Nightmare, Cankerworm or Seethers (mk 2)) when I went to 750 and 1k. I also like Helldivers so been thinking about them.

      As for other casters both Skarre’s interest me, maybe the iron litch. So I’ve got to look into some infantry. Mec thralls are good for sack lamb, I’d like some raiders.

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