So here is a few pics.

So, Bobaferret mentioned needing to work on someplace for pics to keep people from needing to navigate the forums.  So I figured to show off the epic casters I have painted up for the Cygnus of Awareness.  I will try to get some more models painted but I am lacking spare time, maybe I can stop working 14 hour shifts and be able to get this stuff done, that and all of the other projects I have in front of me.



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3 responses to “So here is a few pics.

  1. ryvrese

    That is excellent work! What base color did you use for the pink?

  2. tallyn42

    Sorry for the late reply, but I use P3 carnal pink with a touch of P3 Sanquine base I use this base as a background to let the pink start to cover well. Then I take carnal pink and add a very small amount of the base color then recover the base coat. Then I use carnal pink straight out of the pot as a highlight, then for the final highlight i take Carnal Pink and a touch of whatever white you like in a 50/50 ratio

    • ryvrese

      Not to worry, I appreciate the reply. I went with a carnal pink and magenta but I think for a base color they’re pretty close. I was just curious. 🙂

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